The Best Ways to do Keyword Research on Pinterest

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Do you need help with keyword research on Pinterest? Today we will talk about the best ways to do keyword research on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and using keywords is essential for getting your content in front of the right people.

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How often do you need to do keyword research on Pinterest?

If you have your content pillars set up and your content is all related to a niche audience and a few content pillar topics, then you can create a keyword bank document and just add to it as needed. If your account is new, keyword research is essential for your Pinterest profile optimization and board optimization.

However, if you write about a new topic, you might want to do additional keyword research that is more specific to the content for writing an optimized pin description.

Three ways to do keyword research on Pinterest.

Manual Research

The first method for doing keyword research is using the Pinterest search bar directly and seeing what drops down. Start typing keywords and see what shows up in the drop-down menu. Write down or note any keywords or keyword phrases that will be relevant to your audience and content.

You can also do the alphabet soup method for additional recommendations. For example, if you are a mindset coach and write about mindset a lot, type ‘mindset a’ to see what auto-completes, then type ‘mindset b’ and continue through the whole alphabet. The downside to this method is that it is ultimately time consuming as you are doing things manually.

Pinterest Trends Tool

The Pinterest Trends Tool is an excellent tool for seeing how your keywords are currently trending on Pinterest and if there are any other relevant trending keywords you can use.

Combine this tool with the manual research to figure out great keywords to use. You can also use this tool to determine the best time of year for some keywords.

PinInspector App

The PinInspector app is a powerful app that has six amazing features to help you find keywords and so much more. This app has a keyword generator, a trends generator, a pin analyzer, a browse and scrape tool, a boards analyzer, and a pinner analyzer. They are all amazing tools, but what I use the most to help me determine what the best keywords are for my clients is the keyword generator.

The keyword generator does all the work for you that you would do in a manual search, including the alphabet soup method. All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase, hit enter and wait for the magic to reveal all the words you could possibly want and need. PinInspector also has a trends tool based on the Pinterest Trends Tool.

The PinInspector app has so much to offer and the price is amazing! Normally $67, you can get this powerful tool now for only $47 with the code PIN20.


There is a reason why all of these methods are specific to Pinterest. Pinterest is its own search engine, which is why it’s important to use Pinterest-specific methods for your keyword research. How pinners search for things can be entirely different than how people search Google.

I hope that these tips and tools will help you grow your Pinterest account and bring more traffic to your website. Which tool will you try?