Why You Should Start Your Holiday Season Early on Pinterest

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The temperature is dropping, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and whether we like it or not, the holiday season is sneaking up on us. You might be thinking, “But it’s just the start of Q4; isn’t it too early the holiday season on Pinterest?” The answer is a resounding NO, especially when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Here’s why:

pumpkin spice and everything nice with a cute flater pumpkin in the corner

The Early Pin Gets the Click

Pinterest is unique because pinners are planners. They’re pinning Thanksgiving table settings in October and scouting Valentine’s Day gift ideas as early as New Year’s Day. What does this mean for you? Early preparation is key to capturing this proactive audience.

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Make the Algorithm Work for You

The Pinterest algorithm takes time to distribute your content. By starting your holiday campaign early, you’re allowing the algorithm to do its thing—get your pins in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in them.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The holiday season is a crowded market, and Pinterest is no exception. By starting early, you get ahead of the competition, allowing your pins to rank higher in search results when users start their holiday planning en masse.

Long-Term Engagement

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that pins have a longer lifespan compared to posts on other social media platforms. An early start means your pins will be working for you all the way through the holiday season, and even beyond.

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Align with Faith-Based Goals

For Christian entrepreneurs, the holiday season isn’t just about profits; it’s a time to reflect and align business activities with faith-based goals. An early start gives you the breathing room to do just that, ensuring your business stays true to your values during this crucial time.

Tips to Get Started

📌 Keyword Optimization: Forget hashtags; Pinterest is all about keywords. Make sure your pins are keyword-rich to attract the right audience.

📌 Seasonal Boards: Create specific boards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays to make it easier for potential clients to find what they need.

📌 Repurpose Content: Have evergreen content from last year? Freshen it up with new images and descriptions and re-pin.

📌 Collaborate: Team up with complementary businesses for shared boards to extend your reach.

📌 Track and Tweak: Keep an eye on Pinterest analytics to see what’s working and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Starting your Pinterest holiday marketing early is not just smart; it’s essential for maximizing your reach, engagement, and ultimately, your success. So, why wait? The earlier you start, the more joyful your holiday season will be.

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Happy Pinning and an even happier holiday season!