If you have a lead magnet, provide a service, and have content on your website but you aren't using Pinterest, you could be losing out.

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Your Pinterest marketing introduction service. In The PIN-tensive, we will ensure that your Pinterest account is setup to bring in the traffic and leads you are looking for!

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…and you didn’t have to do anything extra! You didn’t have to learn a new platform, add in extra time to manage it, and spend time figuring out if it’s working for you.

When you hire Rise and Grind for your Pinterest marketing, you turn all of that over to me! I manage your Pinterest account so you don’t have to! I also stay on top of the latest changes in Pinterest so that you have the best strategy available for your business.

I know that you need new leads and sales, but you aren’t sure how to go about it, or you just simply don’t have the time. I know how hard you work and that you are overwhelmed by all that needs to get done.

Or maybe you need new people to market to. You are already marketing on Facebook and Instagram, but you feel like you are at a stalemate. Why not try Pinterest?

At the end of the month, you'll walk away with:

📌 A fully optimized Pinterest account, so you can get started with Pinterest marketing

📌 A personalized Pinterest strategy and more knowledge about how to use Pinterest for your business

📌  A keyword bank containing 60 keywords for your business

📌 A set of 10 Canva pin templates to make pin creation easier for you

📌 5 days of Voxer support, if you have any questions after The PIN-tensive

Want proof? Check out these results!

Schedule a call and fill out my Inquiry Form to see if we are the perfect fit. Make sure to tell me all your goals for your business. 

After we meet, you’ll get a proposal to approve, a contract to sign and pay your invoice.

I will send you an in-depth form that will give me all the ins and outs of your business I need to know so that I can build a custom strategy for your business.

It’s time to sit back and watch the magic happen! When I’ve completed your PIN-tensive, you will have to option to continue as a month to month client.

This is right for you if:

⭐️ You are an online female service-based business

⭐️ You don’t have time to figure it all out and just want
      someone to set it up for you

⭐️ You either want to manage your account yourself OR
      you are unsure if you want to continue in monthly

⭐️ You want a customized strategy for your specific
      business, instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall
      and hoping it sticks.

This is NOT right for you if:

You are just starting out and do not know who your
     ideal client is

You are not consistently creating new content on
     your own website

You are a product based business

You do not have the budget