My name is April. I'm a wife, mother to four (one of my own and three step-children), and a former teacher. I thought teaching would be it for me. I jumped in with everything I had ready to make a difference in the lives of tee angers. Halfway into my fifth year of teaching, I knew that would be my last year. It was the hardest decision I had to make in my professional life, but I knew it was the right one.

Then I met someone who would set me on the path to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and I haven't looked back. It has allowed me to work from home and given me the flexibility I've needed, plus I love it!

I've always loved helping others achieve their goals and now I get to do that on my own schedule and online! I specialize in Pinterest and love what I do! If you are looking for help in your business, schedule a one on one call today!