How to Write Optimized Pin Descriptions

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Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and pin descriptions are a crucial part of any pin. If you want to grow your audience on Pinterest, pin descriptions are an important place to start. With so many people using Pinterest, pin descriptions can help ensure that the right people will see your pins. Let’s talk about how to write optimized pin descriptions and how it can help promote engagement with potential customers!

Why pin descriptions are so important

Writing pin descriptions containing the right keywords is important for two reasons:

  1. It helps the Pinterest algorithm understand what your pin is about.
  2. It helps your audience find your content since you are using the keywords they are searching for.

As a visual search engine, your pin images are what generates interest and gets people clicking on your pin, but the description is they found your pin in the first place. That’s why keywords are such an important part of a great Pinterest strategy.

Change up your pin descriptions

If you are creating 3-5 pin images for each new post or piece of content, you want to craft a new pin description for each image. You can vary the keywords used in each description, allowing you to have a bigger reach for that pin and giving you a chance to test which keywords seem to work better. Vary those keywords out by tweaking your pin descriptions a bit for each pin, there is no need to write an entirely new description.

For example, with this post, I want to target one pin description with the keywords “Pinterest marketing tips” and then the next one with “Pinterest marketing hacks.” I can craft one optimized description and then tweak the keywords slightly. You don’t want to always target only five keywords, so switch it up a bit!

Finding Pinterest keywords

I’ve talked about keywords a lot in this post. But, how do you find the perfect keywords to use in your descriptions?

There are a lot of methods for doing Pinterest keyword research, but here are a few of my favorites:

1) Manual Research Using the Pinterest Search Bar
Make sure the search bar is set to ‘All Pins’ first as it usually defaults to ‘Your Pins’ and then start typing. You can make a note of any relevant keywords that drop down and make sense for your content.

2) Pinterest Trends Tool
You can also use the Pinterest Trends Tool to perform keyword research and see how phrases and keywords are currently trending on Pinterest.

3) The final way you can complete keyword research is using PinInspector.
I use this software daily to help me get the best keywords for my clients. PinInspector helps you quickly generate hundreds of top popular keywords directly from the Pinterest autosuggest engine. With Pin Inspector you’ll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips. Use these powerful high-converting keywords in your board names, pin titles, hashtags, and more!PinInspector is normally a one time, lifetime access for $67, but if you use the code PIN20, you can get it for only $47. Grab PinInspector now. (This is my affiliate link, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.)

Grow your Pinterest account

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