How to clean up your Pinterest account

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It’s time to bust out your virtual broom and dustpan because we’re talking about cleaning up your Pinterest account! Yes, you heard it right – it’s time to audit your boards and give your profile a fresh makeover just in time for Spring Cleaning!

how to spring clean your Pinterest account to keep it working for you

Why Spring Clean?

Cleaning up your Pinterest account is important for several reasons:

By cleaning up your Pinterest account, you can ensure that your profile is well-organized, visually appealing, and effectively communicates your brand’s message. This can help you attract more followers, increase engagement, and ultimately achieve your marketing goals.

So how do you clean it up? By looking at the following sections:

Profile Name

Let’s start with your profile name, is it your business name and a short explanation of what you do? Or your name and a short explanation of what you do?? If not, it’s time to spruce it up!

For instance, you can add your business name and a short description of what you do, like Rise & Grind | Pinterest Marketing or Kristen | Productivity Coach.

Profile Description

Next up, your profile description. Do you have relevant keywords sprinkled throughout your sentences? Is it a true reflection of who you are and what you do? If not, it’s time to jazz it up! Add in those keywords. 

An example would be “Pinterest marketing for your service based business. Grow your visibility organically through Pinterest management services.” There are keywords embedded in those sentences that will help my profile be found when people look for them.

For more information on optimizing your Pinterest profile, you can read this post.

Audit Your Boards

Now, let’s talk about those boards. Do they all have keyworded descriptions? Are they related to your niche? If not, it’s time to give them the boot! You want your boards to be closely related to your niche, so your ideal client knows what you’re talking about. For example, “Working from home is challenging, but being a work-at-home mom takes it up a notch. Check out these business tips and strategies for working from home.”

Example: “Working from home is challenging but being a work at home mom takes it up a notch. Check out these business tips and strategies for working from home.”

Review Group Boards

Last but not least, let’s review those group boards. Do they serve your niche and needs? If not, it’s time to say goodbye! And, if you’re hosting a group board, make sure your members are contributing. If not, it’s time to clean house. The same goes for your Tailwind Communities.Though group boards are not as popular anymore as they used to be, Tailwind did a great article on how to find and join group boards if you are interested.


To sum it up, here’s your spring cleaning list for your Pinterest account:

  • * Profile Name
  • * Profile Description
  • * Board Descriptions
  • * Group Boards

Have you spent time cleaning your Pinterest account? If not, it’s time to get started! And if you have any questions, hit me up!