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I often get asked who I recommend for certain things like legal templates, Pinterest templates, products, etc. Because of that, I chose to put this page together to bring all of those recommendations together in one page. I hope that it helps.

If you have something you need a recommendation on in regards to business, let me know and I'll see if I can bring it into the recommendation page.

Excellent Hosting Company

If you are looking for a hosting company that not only provides the services you need for your website, but the customer service is EXCELLENT, look no further than New Blog Hosting!! They will handle anything you need done, as well as any problems that arise. I have been with New Blog for over 10 years.

Great Scheduling App!

If you are spending hours a day manually pinning to Pinterest...STOP! There's an easier way! It's time to invest in a scheduler! It's time to TailWind!

TailWind can be used for Pinterest and Instagram and has been a lifesaver for me and my clients! In fact, I recommend it to all my clients. Put your posting on auto-pilot today!

Need help with legal forms?

Are you struggling to get your legal forms up to date on your website? Do you need legal forms for your business? Amira at A Self Gura and her team have created some amazing, easy to use, comprehensive legal bundles to help your business. 

I loved how super simple they were to fill out and place on my website!

Design Like A Pro!

Not a designer? You don't need to be!

Guys, I'm not a graphic designer. I never was and never will be. The good news is, with Canva, I don't have to be. With Canva, there are thousands of templates, graphics, images, fonts, and more that make it so easy for anyone, graphic designer or not, to design like a pro any day. Canva makes it so easy. 

There is so much available in the free account that you might not need the pro account, but I will tell you the pro account is amazing and they give you a 30 day FREE trial of the pro account

Want to be a Pinterest VA?

If you are looking to start an Pinterest Virtual Assistant business, Jena's course is the best! She gives you everything you need to know and the support is amazing!

This is the course I used to become a Pinterest Strategist and could not recommend it more.

Powerful software for uncovering the best converting content on Pinterest

I use this software daily to help me get the best keywords for my clients. Check out just some of what it does:

  • Quickly generate hundreds of top popular keywords directly from the Pinterest autosuggest engine!
  • Get search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data using free resources.
  • With Pin Inspector you'll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips for optimizing your own content.
  • Use these powerful high-converting keywords in your board names, pin titles, hashtags, and more!
  • Simply click the "Latest Trends" button to Instantly extract the current latest trending searches directly from the Pinterest Trends section.

And so much more!

Manage passwords like a pro!

Do you struggle to remember the million passwords you need? Do you have a hard time changing those passwords to really strong ones because you can't possibly remember them all? Grab RoboForm! RoboForm is how I manage the 1000 + passwords I have, including managing client passwords. RoboForm is super secure! Check it out today!

Need a great productivity software?

Bonsai is the productivity software that I use for contracts and invoices. I love it because my clients can sign contracts online without any extra software. It also allows me to send invoices as soon as a contract is signed or when I choose, as well as allowing for recurring invoices.

Bonsai also just came out with Bonsai Cash which is like a bank account right in Bonsai! They have digital and physical debit cards to use as well.

Download 50 FREE Call to Actions

Download our 50 FREE Call to Actions you can use on Pinterest today!