Feeling Overwhelmed, Worn Out, and Running the Hamster Wheel? How to Break Free!

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Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in? Like you’re constantly on a hamster wheel, juggling a million tasks and never quite catching up? If you’re a female entrepreneur, you’re definitely not alone.

Sheena Warner, founder of Alive and Free by Sheena, gets it. She’s been there too. In this interview, Sheena shares her story of overcoming overwhelm and burnout, and how she’s now helping other women do the same.

Finding Joy and Purpose in the Overwhelm

Sheena’s mission is to help women break free from the cycle of overwhelm and cultivate a purposeful life filled with joy, ease, and grace.  Her beautiful wall art (available on her Etsy shop Alive and Free by Sheena) serves as a daily reminder of these truths.

But where does the inspiration come from?

Sheena draws from her own experiences, the stories of the women around her, and her faith. The result? Encouraging messages that remind us to focus on what truly matters, to lead with purpose instead of perfection, and to embrace joy and grace while letting go of overwhelm, burnout, and feelings of failure.

In Sheena’s words: “To put it simply, I’ve been where my audience was. I felt like the walls were closing in and I couldn’t breathe. I was tired of being overwhelmed and worn out trying to be my best self and serve those around me well, I was serving from an empty cup. I thought I was a failure as a wife, mom, homemaker etc. 

I started to listen to podcasts, read personal development books, and watch YouTube videos. Most importantly I made a choice to take action and stop seeing myself as a victim of my circumstances.

Now I want to help women who are where I was and let them know that they are not alone and they can grow in their hearts and homes to live alive and free.”

Words of Encouragement for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Sheena knows the pressure that service-based entrepreneurs face. Here are her words of wisdom:

📌 Don’t settle. Don’t settle for anything less than what God has declared over your life. Being overwhelmed, worn out, or feeling like a failure is not part of God’s promises for your life.

📌 You matter. The work you do to make your home a haven matters. The dreams you have for yourself and your family matter. And by the way, your unique personality and perspective can help make an impact not only within the walls of your home but through your business and the clients you service.

📌 Embrace imperfection. Remember to give yourself some grace for days when you’re not on top of everything. Even when you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to show up with minimal energy. You are enough even on your low days.

📌 Imperfect progress is progress. Give kindness to yourselves knowing that it’s okay to make mistakes, dust yourself off and move forward. Don’t let moments of failure keep you stuck. Too much pressure on yourselves to have it all together and perfect, never gets you anywhere except overwhelm and burnout. Imperfect progress is still progress. It’s okay to fail forward one step at a time. Each day is a fresh new day to start again to become faithfully alive and free in our hearts and homes (and businesses).

Ready to Break Free?

Sheena has a free resource to help you get started! Download her guide, “7 Ways to Overcome Feelings of Overwhelm, Worn Out, and Failure”  here: https://www.sheenawarner.com/7waystoovercomefeelingsofoverwhelm 

You can also find Sheena at:

Website: http://www.sheenawarner.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sheenawarner

Remember, you are not alone. There is hope, and there is a way to break free from the overwhelm and live a life filled with joy and purpose.