Favorite Blog Posts of 2022

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Of all the posts I wrote this year, these are my favorite blog posts of 2022. 

How to Repurpose Your Content for Pinterest

As a business owner, you are creating a lot of content for your business. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel when Pinterest is a great platform for repurposing that content. Any content you create, whether it’s social media posts, videos, or graphics, can be repurposed and used in your Pinterest marketing strategy.


The Best Ways to Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

Do you need help with keyword research on Pinterest? Today we will talk about the best ways to do keyword research on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and using keywords is essential for getting your content in front of the right people.


The Best Tailwind Tools to Use to Grow on Pinterest 

If you really want to start working on your Pinterest marketing to grow your business, Tailwind is the best tool to use to help. Here is a list of the best Tailwind tools you should be using.


How to Use Pinterest to Promote Tour Podcast

Podcasts are very popular these days, and there is no sign of them slowing down anytime soon. But what do you do if you want to promote your podcast? Podcasting isn’t just about promoting yourself but also finding new listeners and engaging with them on social media. One platform that can help you achieve all this is Pinterest.


What was your favorite post from this year? Let me know in the comments