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    When working in your small business, whether you use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy or not, we all have tools that we love to use. If you are just getting started, or even if you have been in business for years, these tools are some of the best tools I use in my Pinterest marketing business.

    Pinterest Resources


    This one is a no brainer right? After all, I’m talking about Pinterest management. But what ways do you use Pinterest besides posting to it?

    Pinterest is a great place to find ideas on what to post on your blog. As you start searching keywords in Pinterest, you will start to see things that are popular, things that people are currently searching for. This will help you know what would be good topics to talk about on your blog.

    Pinterest has an amazing search engine. You’ve likely used it many times to find recipes, craft projects, home decorating ideas, and maybe even to search for business stuff. I bet you have even searched for keywords to use in your Pinterest marketing. If not, you really should give it a try.

    I would also recommend trying the Pinterest Trends tool, which can give you a good look at each keyword you search and what it’s trending has looked like over the last year and even how it compares to other keywords in that niche.


    TailWind is my go-to scheduling software. Why? Because it’s saves me so much time! It’s an auto-scheduling tool that can schedule for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You might be thinking, “Pinterest has auto-scheduling, so why should I use another system? For 2 simple reasons: Pinterest only lets you schedule two weeks out and you can only schedule one pin to one board at a time.

    TailWind allows you to schedule as far out as you would like. This makes it so much easier to schedule pins. You don’t have to set reminders to go back and schedule the rest of your pins for a later date.

    They also allow you to schedule your pins over a specific period of time to multiple boards. With just the click of a button, you can schedule one pin to post over the course of 50 days to 50 boards (though I wouldn’t recommend that many).

    Of course they have a ton of other features that make purchasing TailWind worth it. Check out TailWind now and get 20 posts a month on their free forever plan!


    This tool is essential for managing my Pinterest account and my client’s accounts. Without it, I would spend so many more hours working on pins than necessary.

    Canva is an easy to use, dummy proof, graphic design program. I’m not a graphic designer. I never was and never will be. The good news is, with Canva, I don’t have to be. With Canva, there are thousands of templates, graphics, images, fonts, and more that make it so easy for anyone, graphic designer or not, to design like a pro any day. Canva makes it so easy.

    There is so much available in the free account that you might not need the pro account, but I will tell you the pro account is amazing and they give you a 30 day FREE trial of the pro account. Grab a copy of Canva today if you don’t already use it! It’s great for social media, Pinterest, blog posts, PDF’s, and more!

    Business Resources

    Client Management Tool

    To manage my clients from intake to exit, I use Dubsado. Dubsado has invoicing, client management, forms, scheduling, workflows and more. The workflows are what’s truly awesome in Dubsado that sets it apart from other CMS in my opinion. They save you so much time!!!

    Dubsado also has a client portal. This is a place where your clients can access all their forms, fill out forms, and respond to messages if they so choose.

    They also create amazing how-to videos and their customer service is great. Grab 20% off Dubsado now!


    Trello is the visual work management tool that empowers teams to ideate, plan, manage, and celebrate their work together in a collaborative, productive, and organized way. Trello site

    I use Trello for so many things. I use it to keep my social media posts organized, keep track of my budget, keep up with my every day to do lists, but most importantly, I use it to keep up with clients tasks. My client Trello board is filled with what tasks I need from a client, what tasks I need to complete, what posts I have done for them on Pinterest, analytics, and more. It’s a great tool!

    Google Sheets

    I have created a Google Sheet that allows me to track all things Pinterest for myself and each of my clients. Each sheet has multiple tabs for what I am tracking.

    The analytics tab allows me to add data from each month and see how it is trending over time.

    The next several tabs are all related to the pins themselves. One tab is to track what pins I have created, the link for that pin, the title, the description, the boards that it will go to, and what type of pin it is. The other tabs track keywords that work well for each client, the boards and group boards that each client has, and the templates that I use for that client’s pins.

    If you would like to purchase a copy of the Pinterest Strategy Planner, you can grab one here for 20% off just for being you! Code is good till the end of October, 2022. Use code 20DISCOUNT.

    That's it! That's all the organization!

    If there’s a product you want to know more about, leave me a comment. I love helping other entrepreneurs find tools that work for them!

  • The Best Tailwind Tools to Use to Grow on Pinterest

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    If you really want to start working on your Pinterest marketing to grow your business, Tailwind is the best tool to use to help. Here is a list of the best Tailwind tools you should be using.

    What is Tailwind?

    Tailwind is the best approved scheduler for Pinterest in my opinion. Pinterest has approved Tailwind as an official scheduler of all things related to Pinterest marketing (as well as Instagram and Facebook) because they follow the Terms of Service for Pinterest. Tailwind has many features and tools that will help you grow on Pinterest and save a lot of time doing it.

    Tailwind Tools and Features to Use:

    1) Scheduling in Advance

    No one wants to manually pin and share content every day; which is where Tailwind comes in. You can spend time scheduling in bulk for 1-2 weeks at a time using Tailwind. This will save you a significant amount of time and allow you to put your focus back into your zone of genius in your business.

    2) Interval Scheduling

    Another excellent scheduling feature available with Tailwind is its interval scheduling. You can schedule the same pin to go to 2-3 different boards at scheduled times you specify. I generally recommend at least a 3-6 day interval between the same pin going to a different board. I use this feature in Tailwind scheduling all the time for my pins and my client’s.

    3) Tailwind Communities

    An added bonus with Tailwind is Tailwind Communities. This is basically how communities work on Tailwind:

    Someone saves a pin to a community, then reshares somebody else’s pin.

    That makes it a great method for getting more eyes on your content and resharing other people’s content from Communities to your boards that your audience will also love. The key is finding active and relevant communities that fit your content and your ideal audience

    4) Analytics

    Yes, Pinterest has analytics, and you can see the most important results of your Pinterest marketing from Google Analytics, but Tailwind has a few extra analytics that I like to take a look at. You can easily see which boards (and types of content) are the most popular for your account, what your top pins are, and more. Adding these analytics to the analytics you review from Pinterest and Google Analytics helps you get a fuller picture of how your Pinterest account is performing. 

    Dive into your Tailwind analytics once a month to see how your content, boards, and pins are all doing. This can help you continue to create content that your audience is going to love!


    Are you using using Pinterest for your business yet? For the reasons why you should be using Pinterest in your marketing, read this post. If you are using Pinterest, are you using Tailwind yet? If you need help setting up your Pinterest and Tailwind accounts, visit my services page to learn more.

    Start getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing! Tailwind is a great tool to help you schedule pins, grow on Pinterest, and save yourself tons of time.