• Is your website ready for Pinterest?

    You are ready to use Pinterest in your biz marketing strategy, but you want to make sure your site is set up and ready to go for all that amazing new traffic you will get!

    Here’s how to make sure your website and your Pinterest account are working together to bring in your ideal client. 

    Setup your website for Pinterest marketing success

    Your website needs to be rich in content. 

    Every pin is an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Pinterest likes fresh content. Having lots of content on your site, gives you more options to pin to. Be sure that you also have a plan in place to continue to create new content for your site.

    Have a clear funnel set up.

    Make it easy for the reader to know what action to take to get more from you when they click through to your website from your pin. To do this, add your lead magnet or call to action on every post. Check out my post, “How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Email List” for more on this.

    Make your call to action clear for your site visitors.

    What is it that you want them to do when they come to your site? Tell them. Don’t assume they know.

    Tech Tips:

    Claim your website on Pinterest.

    This is a crucial step to using Pinterest for business. This allows all your pins to be counted on your analytics so that you can see where your traffic is coming from.

    Install Rich Pins.

    Rich pins are like normal, except that when information is changed on your website, the pin automatically updates. There are 3 different types of rich pins – recipe, product, and article.

    Install a save to Pinterest button on your website.

    This will allow people to save your post for later and share with others. It’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible. There are several ways to do this, but the plug-in I like the most is Tasty Pins.

  • Are you struggling to get results from Pinterest?

    Frustrated with Pinterest?

    One thing I hear from clients when we start working together is how they’ve been struggling to see results from using Pinterest for their business. And I get it! Pinterest is a really valuable and rewarding platform, but, there are so many things that can make or break your success.

    It boils down to 3 key things:


    With Pinterest being a search engine, consistency is important. You need to have patience and make sure to pin consistently to see results.

    Pinterest is a long-term strategy, and most people tend to get discouraged if they don’t see results right away and stop pinning consistently.


    You have to optimize your account, your boards, and your pin designs so that they can be indexed and found by the right audience.

    Pinterest won’t know who to show your content to if you aren’t using the right keywords and doing keyword research! To read how to optimize your profile, check out this post. You can also read this post to see how to optimize your pin descriptions for Pinterest.


    Strategy is a HUGE part of what I do for my clients and every account is different, but we dive heavily into your specific analytics and content marketing strategy. We need to always be open to testing, tweaking, and adjusting your strategy as needed to keep up with the algorithm changes, too.

    Which of these 3 do you feel like you are struggling the most with when it comes to your Pinterest marketing? Comment below!

  • Leaning into the seasons

    It’s the holidays and people are searching for everything Christmas and New Years related right now. When posting on any platform, but especially Pinterest, leaning into the seasons is super important.

    Here is an example of what leaning into the season can do for your Pinterest account. It’s nice to see proof that this works!

    The image below shows the impressions (eyes on the pin) and engagement (clicks, saves) from this client for the month of October last year. This client had seen a bit of a decline for the previous two months and we were trying to figure out what to do.

    october pinterest stats

    By leaning into Christmas and the upcoming season early and often, this client has been able to see growth in the month of November.

    november pinterest stats

    Because this client posts multiple times in a month and tries to give their ideal client what they want, she continued to see growth in December as well as seen below.

    december pinterest stats


    The KEY to Pinterest is giving your client what they are searching for, leaning into the seasons, and CONSISTENCY.

    Want results like this but don’t know how? Contact me today and let’s chat! I CAN HELP!

  • The Best Tailwind Tools to Use to Grow on Pinterest

    This page may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

    If you really want to start working on your Pinterest marketing to grow your business, Tailwind is the best tool to use to help. Here is a list of the best Tailwind tools you should be using.

    What is Tailwind?

    Tailwind is the best approved scheduler for Pinterest in my opinion. Pinterest has approved Tailwind as an official scheduler of all things related to Pinterest marketing (as well as Instagram and Facebook) because they follow the Terms of Service for Pinterest. Tailwind has many features and tools that will help you grow on Pinterest and save a lot of time doing it.

    Tailwind Tools and Features to Use:

    1) Scheduling in Advance

    No one wants to manually pin and share content every day; which is where Tailwind comes in. You can spend time scheduling in bulk for 1-2 weeks at a time using Tailwind. This will save you a significant amount of time and allow you to put your focus back into your zone of genius in your business.

    2) Interval Scheduling

    Another excellent scheduling feature available with Tailwind is its interval scheduling. You can schedule the same pin to go to 2-3 different boards at scheduled times you specify. I generally recommend at least a 3-6 day interval between the same pin going to a different board. I use this feature in Tailwind scheduling all the time for my pins and my client’s.

    3) Tailwind Communities

    An added bonus with Tailwind is Tailwind Communities. This is basically how communities work on Tailwind:

    Someone saves a pin to a community, then reshares somebody else’s pin.

    That makes it a great method for getting more eyes on your content and resharing other people’s content from Communities to your boards that your audience will also love. The key is finding active and relevant communities that fit your content and your ideal audience

    4) Analytics

    Yes, Pinterest has analytics, and you can see the most important results of your Pinterest marketing from Google Analytics, but Tailwind has a few extra analytics that I like to take a look at. You can easily see which boards (and types of content) are the most popular for your account, what your top pins are, and more. Adding these analytics to the analytics you review from Pinterest and Google Analytics helps you get a fuller picture of how your Pinterest account is performing. 

    Dive into your Tailwind analytics once a month to see how your content, boards, and pins are all doing. This can help you continue to create content that your audience is going to love!


    Are you using using Pinterest for your business yet? For the reasons why you should be using Pinterest in your marketing, read this post. If you are using Pinterest, are you using Tailwind yet? If you need help setting up your Pinterest and Tailwind accounts, visit my services page to learn more.

    Start getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing! Tailwind is a great tool to help you schedule pins, grow on Pinterest, and save yourself tons of time.