Tips and Tricks for Batch Creating Pin Designs

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Designing pins for Pinterest can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, there are some tips that will help you speed up the creating process. Today, I will show you 5 different tips and tricks for batch creating pin designs so your work is less stressful and more efficient!

Maximizing Efficiency with Batch Pin Design Creation

Batch Creating Pin Designs - How To

1) Repurpose Your Content

An easy way to have loads of fresh pin designs to share on Pinterest is to make sure you are repurposing your content from other channels. Did you create an awesome Instagram reel? Share it on Pinterest as an idea pin.

Did you create an awesome IGTV video? Upload it to Pinterest as a video pin.

The content that is created for your other social platforms should be shared with the world in different forms. Repurposing pins out of this content will help to promote your business while also creating new fresh designs every day! (Don’t forget to change the format to a 2:3 ratio – 1000 x 1500.)

2) Use Canva Templates

Using Canva Templates is an easy way to batch-create pin designs and save yourself so much time. You can purchase templates, use Canva’s built-in templates, or make your own!

Pin designs are one of the best ways to promote your business because they create brand awareness. Creating pins in bulk is a great way to streamline this process.

3) Change Up Fonts and Text

Pin designs should be eye-catching, but they also need to have meaning or provide some sort of call-to-action. Adjust your templates by swapping out the fonts or text. Here’s an example of a couple of different headlines that I could use on pin designs for this blog post:

  • The Best Ways to Save Time and Batch Your Pin Designs
  • 5 Secrets for Creating Pin Designs That Convert Quickly
  • Pin Designs: The Key to Saving Time With Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
  • 5 Tips and Tricks for Batch Creating Pin Designs

Testing and batch creating pin designs with various headlines is a great way to see which kind of wording resonates most with your audience.

4) Batch Different Template Types

Test and try batching your content using different template types for your pin designs. Create templates for video pins, pins with animations, or even templates for infographics as an added method for testing your designs.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Test

You want your pin designs to stay on brand, but Pinterest is one platform that you should test various styles, colors within your brand, imagery, and fonts. This gives you a chance to see what resonates most with your ideal clients.


These 5 tips and tricks will help you batch create more fresh pin designs so you will always have content for your Pinterest marketing strategy. If you have any Pinterest questions or want to outsource your Pinterest management, check out my services page and let’s chat!