Account Setup or Clean Up

The first step to using Pinterest for your business is setting up your account.

Setting up a fully optimized account can cost you hours of precious time spent researching niche keywords, optimizing your profile, and setting up and optimizing boards.

Pinterest Account Setup

Whether you are service-based, a coach, or a blogger, this package takes the guess work out of creating an account that is optimized for your business. We do the work for you and give you with an account that is ready for you to implement your Pinterest strategy. From confirming websites, enabling rich pins and optimizing your display name and bio, we have you covered.

Book a free discovery call with us to see if this is the right move for your marketing needs.

What's Included:

  • Creating a search forward Pinterest profile
  • 10 Pinterest boards supporting your brand and optimized for SEO
  • A minimum of 10 pins (a mix of your content and related content) carefully picked to resonate with your audience
  • The assignment of board covers, selected to match your brand’s style (we don’t create branded board covers just choose beautiful photos that match your brand)
  • 30-minute strategy call following the build to talk about next steps on Pinterest marketing

$600 USD

Pinterest Deep Clean

Do you have a Pinterest account for your business but feel like it could be so much more? We've got you! Let us take a look. We will go over your account with a fine toothed comb and work to get it cleaned up and optimized so that your ideal clients will be able to find you.

What's Included:

  • Cleaning up your Pinterest profile to make it searchable
  • Validating rich pins, if needed
  • Overhaul your Pinterest boards (board organization, title and description optimization for search, etc.)
  • Review group boards and remove irrelevant boards
  • 30-minute strategy call following the deep clean to talk about next steps on Pinterest marketing

$600 USD

What our clients have to say...

Get on a discovery call with April...

Sometimes it’s really hard to see the big picture of how all this “social media” stuff works together, And Pinterest was just another one on the long list of things I didn’t understand much less how to even use to help my business. That is, until April explained it to me! Now, with her help and expertise my online business is getting a LOT more Vizza Bility than ever before.
If I was going to try and explain the best way to use Pinterest to a friend or any other business owner out there I would probably do it in very simple terms, “get on a discovery call with April, so you can see what the possibilities might be for you and your business!”

VICTOR  //  A Key to Any Door


  • You know you want to use Pinterest for part of your marketing strategy and you know your ideal client is already on Pinterest
  • You have someone who will be handling all the posting for your Pinterest account, you just want someone to set up your account for you.
  • You work well with people.
  • You have a marketing budget of at least $600
  • You understand the power of marketing and how it can help grow your business.
  • You are a service-based business, coach, or blogger


  • You like to micro manage people. If you are going to be watching every single pin like a hawk, we are not your people. Micro managing kills creativity.
  • You don't have a marketing budget.
  • You are a product based business.
  • You think we are a VA service. We are not. We specialize in Pinterest marketing strategy.


What types of business do you work with?

At Rise & Grind, we work primarily with service based businesses, coaches, and bloggers.


Is it really necessary to add keywords in my profile if I'm adding them in my descriptions?

With Pinterest, it is ideal that you add keywords every place that you can. This makes it easier for your ideal client to find you. Have you ever searched a keyword and had the search results show a couple of profiles in the list? It's because of keywords. If you want your profile to be searchable, keywords are necessary.

Can't I just handle setting up my account myself?

Of course! You are more than welcome to set up or clean up your account on your own. This service is offered to save you the time and energy that it takes to do that.


What if I want to include monthly management to this service?

I offer this set up/clean up at a discounted rate with my monthly management packages. Let's talk and get you set up!