It’s the holidays and people are searching for everything Christmas and New Years related right now. When posting on any platform, but especially Pinterest, leaning into the seasons is super important.

Here is an example of what leaning into the season can do for your Pinterest account. It’s nice to see proof that this works!

The image below shows the impressions (eyes on the pin) and engagement (clicks, saves) from this client for the month of October last year. This client had seen a bit of a decline for the previous two months and we were trying to figure out what to do.

october pinterest stats

By leaning into Christmas and the upcoming season early and often, this client has been able to see growth in the month of November.

november pinterest stats

Because this client posts multiple times in a month and tries to give their ideal client what they want, she continued to see growth in December as well as seen below.

december pinterest stats


The KEY to Pinterest is giving your client what they are searching for, leaning into the seasons, and CONSISTENCY.

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