Hi, I'm April!

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, I service based businesses and bloggers grow their businesses by driving traffic directly to the business owner's website using Pinterest. I do the work for you so you can put that time and energy back in your business or spending it with your family!

Are you ready to invest in growing your business?

By hiring me as your Pinterest Virtual Assistant, I will get your business seen on Pinterest! In turn, you will see an increase in website traffic, an increase of brand awareness, and ultimately an increase in sales, all while gaining back some of your time to spend in your business or with your family.

You'll definitely want to consider partnering with April...

If you're considering using Pinterest as a tool to drive your business, you'll definitely want to consider partnering with April! She will go above and beyond to ensure deliverables align with your business branding & goals. She offers great ideas, is super responsive to suggestions, and makes what you have even better.

Alexandra Kaval  //  Grace Space Christian Counseling

Get on a discovery call with April...

Sometimes it’s really hard to see the big picture of how all this “social media” stuff works together, And Pinterest was just another one on the long list of things I didn’t understand much less how to even use to help my business.  That is, until April explained it to me!
Now, with her help and expertise my online business is getting a LOT more Vizza Bility than ever before.
If I was going to try and explain the best way to use Pinterest to a friend or any other business owner out there I would probably do it in very simple terms,
“get on a discovery call with April, so you can see what the possibilities might be for you and your business!”

Victor  //  A Key to Any Door

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